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ABOUT US Hello, welcome to our store. It is a very correct choice for you to come to our shop if you love dogs like us. The main reason for creating this shop is my unique love for dogs. Dog is one of our most intimate friends, a member of our daily life, and our loyal companions. We have a group of friends who are fond of dogs and love collecting a lot of things about dogs, so we decide to set up a network shop and community about dogs together. In addition to the existing Home Furnishing products made from various dog pictures, there are more customized items of your beloved pets to choose. In the classification of customs, you can find many kinds of patterns to express your love for your pets. For example,you can get the unique product you want according to the picture and name as well as the birthday of your pet. In the meanwhile, you can also send us your text and design and gain your ideal product just with the help of our skills and crafts.